At Stepping Stone, Inc., We Believe...

  • Kids are best cared for by their family.
    Family is important to each resident, we encourage family participation and feedback.

  • Honesty and respect are key.
    Every person has different opinions. We teach each person to express their opinions in a respectful manner, and we respect what each other has to say even when we do not agree.

  • Education is of the utmost importance.
    Knowledge and the acquisition of skills is the most helpful tool we have to assist us in becoming productive citizens. We strongly encourage learning.

  • Every person has the right to live in a safe environment.
    We provide a safe haven for personal development, expression and growth. We believe it is important to work with each resident to devise a treatment plan unique to his needs. We strive to deliver services which encourage individualism.

  • Everyone should have future goals to work towards.
    A fundamental component of our program is to teach our residents to devise a plan for their future and, to develop skills that will help them work towards those plans.